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TripStax Hotels can be used by both agencies and corporates directly

Are you a corporate?

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Provide a convenient hotel booking solution for your corporate clients

Whether for use by your in-house agents or by your clients themselves, add another dimension to your client management services. Offer a vast array of choice with more than a million hotels aggregated from multiple suppliers and provide access to a wide range of features.

We will work with you in the background to provide an abundance of added value to your customers.

API connection

Consume our accommodation content via connecting to the TripStax Hotels API .

Quick onboarding

Inventory can easily be bulk uploaded or individually added onto our platform.

Mult-source content

Access more than one million different types of properties from a vast array of vendors.

Negotiated rates

Reduce hotel spend by promoting negotiated rates and show them as preferential options.

Book on our platform

Search for and make accommodation reservations using a single interface.

Plug and play

Easily consume our accommodation content via our the TripStax Hotels API connection.

More than one million hotels

Our TripStax Hotels module gives you access to content from more than one million properties from global chains, GDSs, aggregators, direct connections and unique independent properties.

Full agency integration & SSO

Whether it be directly via TripStax Hotels, embedded code or a Single Sign On (SSO) interface, allow your clients and/or your agents to manage their own booking with help and support from you and on-going backup from the TripStax Hotels team.

Custom configurations

We will provide you with a fully custom made configuration for each and every one of your clients meaning you'll meet their specific requirements applying the relevant settings and functionality.

Brand your platform

Create an immersive booking experience putting your brand front and centre. Whitelabel our product so that it feels and looks like your own booking engine.

Do the same for your corporate clients and provide them with a bespoke-looking solution.

Take care of important processes

Policy compliance

Define and set parameters, manage spend, prioritise hotels and control what is booked by department or individual traveller.

Duty of care

Quickly find where travellers are staying, so if an incident were to occur, looking up the hotel location is a good indicator of their whereabouts.

Travel security systems

Easily connect travel security systems or export bookings to another server via compliant PCI DSS secure protocols.

Access more than one million properties

With a large global reach, our content gives you access to properties from global chains, GDSs, aggregators, direct connections and unique independent properties, all seamlessly matched and consolidated under individual property profiles.

Easily add new inventory & rates

If a hotel isn't available via our multi-source content feed that your clients want to use, don't worry, properties can quickly be onboarded to our platform. If your clients have negotiated their own special rates, those can also be uploaded too and promoted exclusively for their own use.

Promote your own negotiated rates

Add competitive rates via our extranet platform and tailor search results to promote the most preferential rates and properties. Manage event-specific or negotiated allocation at your chosen hotels and leverage the full value of your contracted inventory.

Special deals with TripStax Xrate

Benefit from additional third-party rates which include added amenities and often include price reductions too.

Harness the power of real time reporting

Every booking counts

Analyse vital data to improve and understand if targets are being met. Get data on booking volumes, review spend and automate bespoke reports - delivered to your inbox at a time and in a format that suits you.

If a required report doesn't already exist, easily build what you need from scratch and distribute to as many recipients as you need.

Fully integrated throughout the TripStax ecosystem

TripStax is powered by a central data storage intelligence engine that stores and passes information across the full stack. For our clients, that means secure data, that all talks to each other.

Integrate your analytics data across modules and provide insight at every step of the process.