Infographic showing customer profile data

Centralise customer profile data

The TripStax Profiles module ingests customer profile data from leading booking systems, creates a single customer profile and adds rules and logic as to how that data can be shared on a push-pull basis.

Keep profile data updated

Whether by manual bulk data imports or automated data mapping, keep profiles updated 24/7.

Legacy system integration

Seamlessly integrate and unify profile data from legacy incumbent and HR systems.

Gold standard data protection

The TripStax Profile module is fully GDPR compliant.

Contractor profiles

Bi-directional data flow

Based on Azure AD

GDPR compliant

Centralised data storage


Contractor profiles

Bi-directional data flow

Based on Azure AD

GDPR compliant

Centralized data storage


Ingest, consolidate, disseminate

Safely import employee personal data and travel preferences from GDS’s, HR systems, OBTs, hotel, train and mid-office systems. Travellers can edit and update profile data using self-service capabilities and businesses can easily create profiles for contractors and temporary staff.

Synch to point of sale systems

Rapid implementation

Webservice / API support

Control profile data flow

Create rules, logic and permissions that govern how and where profile data flows on a push-pull basis through third party systems. Ensure profiles are kept up-to-date while keeping sensitive traveler information safe.

On-demand profile data retrieval

Query data by using terms and phrases as it would be spoken.

Supports third party profile data updates

Apply rate caps to the client hotel program, either by location or for specific hotels, and report on compliance to these caps

Photo of traveller using his laptop and phone at the airport

Data security peace of mind

The TripStax Profiles module comes with built-in workflows to ensure that the collection, storage and processing of personal data is GDPR compliant.

Fully integrated throughout the TripStax ecosystem

TripStax is powered by a central data storage intelligence engine that stores and passes information across the full stack. For our clients, that means secure data, that all talks to each other.

Integrate your analytics data across modules and provide insight at every step of the process.