Quality control is fundamental to every TMC’s service offering. It covers a myriad of processes and applications, for example:


Selling fare

Missing data


Risk assessments

Agent identifier



Cost centre

Vcard deployment

Rate desking

VIP checks

TripStax QC takes a radically new approach as it removes QC processes from the GDS-centric PNR for all content regardless of the booking channel.

Historically all TMC quality control mechanisms have required every booking to be in a PNR within the GDS regardless of whether the booking was made via another channel. Agents must currently undertake time-consuming workflows to configure/code online and offline non-GDS bookings into the PNR to perform QC checks required for each traveller’s booking.

Three reasons why QC?

Comprehensive, interactive dashboards

  • Produce rich, customised documentation
  • Cleaner and deeper reporting capabilities and enhanced behavioural analytics
  • Fit for downstream automation

Centralised, consistent data for third parties

  • Easily accessible via API
  • Use across other platforms and apps, both internally and externally
  • Automatically feed to risk, duty of care etc, in real time

Efficiency through automation

  • Eliminate human error
  • Increase profitability and create new revenue opportunities
  • Reduce agent workload and increase productivity

Define any rule

It connects directly to the source and is versatile enough to take ALL data meaning more capability, more data points and more actionable data.

Streamlined data flow

Define rules centrally

Retain data set integrity

Connect any booking content

Automate previously manual workflows

Custom logic unique to your business

TripStax QC is the 'logic engine' connected to The TripStax Core

The Core is the agnostic data-processing engine at the heart of TripStax’s technology ecosystem which consumes, normalises and enriches TMC booking, profile and finance data.

Data from any content provider is received within The Core in its original format and integrated with the QC module. All sources of content are treated in the same way and processed according to TMC and client quality control criteria.

QC module

QC performs critical workflows automatically without agent interaction and can check and verify quality control data sets to perform any necessary corrective action. It tells agents if a booking has failed certain criteria and gives them the environment to fix the failure.
The QC module can also automatically correct the failure, if it has been configured with a specified logic sequence and set of rules to follow, thus significantly reducing agencies’ workload on QC tasks and improving accuracy.

With TripStax QC, TMC’s quality processes are centralised outside the GDS in a cloud-based API-connected environment

QC processes, and those associated with them such as document production, are centralised on a more modern, API-first connected landscape. Booking data can then be received from any provider, in its original format, processed and pushed to the next workflow without significant translation or data loss.

With or without a PNR

TMCs no longer need to perform convoluted workflows to translate their bookings into the GDS. The TripStax QC module does not require a PNR.

Become more agile

TripStax QC allows TMCs to become far more productive and commercially agile, as well as more creative with processes that can be put in place for any given customer.

Fully integrated throughout the TripStax ecosystem

TripStax is powered by a central data storage intelligence engine that stores and passes information across the full stack. For our clients, that means secure data, that all talks to each other.

Integrate your analytics data across modules and provide insight at every step of the process.