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Keep your travelers safe

TripStax Track flags health and safety risks and allows businesses to track and communicate with travelers anywhere, anytime.

Support travelers

Anticipate disruptions and provide 24/7 support and instant communication should travelers need it.

Prevent risks

Use advanced pre-trip risk analytics to identify incidents and offer travelers the option to re-route if necessary.

Maintain compliance

Create a full audit trail of communication ready for post-incident review.

Health & crime ratings

Automated notifications & alerts

Bespoke customization

Preformed templates

Built-in compliance

Health & crime ratings

Automated notifications & alerts

Bespoke customization

Preformed templates

Built-in compliance

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Automate traveler safety

The TripStax Track module streams travel data in real-time. It sends pre- and during-trip safety alerts the minute an incident occurs. Keep travelers informed about everything from health and crime ratings to flight delays and terminal information.

Preformed message templates

Customizable automation triggers

Quick, effective communication

Deliver travel information and automated alerts to travelers and travel managers.
Integrated email and SMS allow for Instant, direct communication in case of emergency.

Graphical map display of traveler location

Communicate quickly via multiple channels

Bi-directional communication available

Fulfil duty of care compliance

Equip travel and security managers with detailed pre-trip travel risk reports. Take preventative measures to ensure safe travel. Should an incident occur, deliver a complete audit trail of communication that meets all corporate travel compliance requirements.

Customizable reports

Query data by using terms and phrases as it would be spoken.

Pre-trip risk assessment

Apply rate caps to the client hotel program, either by location or for specific hotels, and report on compliance to these caps.

Daily risk-rating updates

Compare the spend of the client air program against an anonymous group of relevant peers by city pair to identify the reasons for any differences.

Fully integrated throughout the TripStax Ecosystem

TripStax is powered by a central data storage intelligence engine that stores and passes information across the full stack. For our clients, that means secure data, that all talks to each other.

Integrate your analytics data across modules and provide insight at every step of the process.