For over half a century, our industry’s foundations haven’t changed, but our clients demand more.

Servicing clients has become harder, with multiple tech vendors now needed to meet client expectations. The result - unreliable, unconnected technology that increases the cost per booking for you.

Commercialised air travel takes off

Human beings start moving around the planet faster, and airline brands we know and love today begin to emerge.

The 60’s
Airline Distribution

GDS’s are created by airlines, to essentially make agencies an extension to their sales forces. As the GDS’s morph into stand alone businesses the commercial and technical backbone of the industry is formed.

Tech players start to build

In the 80’s the internet is born and tech players start to build solutions in and around the GDS backbone.

The rise of transactional costs

Every new technology advancement in the industry adds transactional cost to the agencies, increasing the cost to serve customers with additional bolt-on softwares such as duty of care, authorization, invoicing and so on.

00's / 10's

In the first decade of the century business travel explodes, and the industry is flooded with tech 'revolutionaries' focusing on solutions to individual problems

To stay relevant business travel agencies adopt multiple tech vendors, further increasing the cost to service clients

Pressure mounts to supplier incentives

To offset the increasing cost, pressure is applied to suppliers incentives and travelers bills

Transactional costs spiral

Agencies lose sight of the fact that the growing transactional cost is simply the cost of having all these tech vendors consume and store the same profile and booking data.

Alternative channels?

Suppliers then start to seek alternative distribution channels, but the agencies rely so heavily on the GDS that a stalemate ensues.

2020’s – nothing has changed

Enter the 20’s, 100 years since the first commercial flight and 60 years since the industries distribution backbone was created and the same game is being played, albeit with increasing instability.

Time to reinvent how the industry adopts technology.

Enter TripStax

Here to uncouple technology from the transactional economics that restrict our industry’s progression.