Beyond just the modules you need to service - an entirely new ecosystem for travel

Our modules are at the cutting edge of technology, but it’s our centralised technology, the core, that makes TripStax a true game-changer. The Core manages the entire collection, storage, and transposal of all data relating to profiles and bookings.

Most travel management companies are reliant on GDS systems to centralise and store their customer data. These legacy systems become the gatekeeper, the beating heart of the operation, and the rising cost factor. But, data exchange, transactional costs, inconsistency of formats, and third party hosting costs all impinge on the ability to effectively service, grow margins and keep costs down.

" The Core marries booking data with profile data, stores it, cleans it, enriches it, and feeds it to the technologies you need. "

Enter TripStax - the new engine to power your business

The Core underpins our entire ecosystem, holding your client profile alongside their booking data. With AI running in tandem, controlling how data is enriched, processed, and passed to other services, the result is a fluid, unbreakable flow of data that is consistent regardless of where a flight is booked, what authorization process is in place, what location the traveler is in, and what additions they have to their booking.


A completely new revolution of travel management technology.

Rather than bolt-on, we’ve built our ecosystem from the ground up.

A single integration with room to expand

With your technology ecosystem powered by The Core, just a single integration is needed to your management environment. From here, TripStax does the heavy lifting, integrating internally with the modules you need. Save time, money, and technology headaches in a completely new environment.

Reducing third party data cost

Each time your data passes to a third party, it’s effectively duplicated, and matched up for syncing. TripStax doesn’t duplicate data at all. Instead, The Core services and pushes and pulls data from module to module, ensuring information is central, in one place and always correct.

This in turn reduces transactional costs that in yesterday’s world would accrue on a per booking basis. With TripStax you pay a single charge to store the data, no matter how many times, or how many services it needs to integrate into.

Time to reinvent how the industry adopts technology.

Time to reinvent how the industry adopts technology.