TakeTwo, which has offices in UK/Europe and USA providing bespoke services to transatlantic clients in diverse sectors and high-net-worth-individuals, as well as VIP, MICE and group travel services, has invested heavily over the last year in building ‘Nova’, its own agnostic eco-system of travel management solutions, operating on a single global platform. Nova blends TakeTwo’s proprietary mid and back-office technology with best-in-class third party client-facing applications. The latter includes partnering with TripStax since mid-2022 as a TMC customer for the tech provider’s Portal, Docs, Track and Analytics modules, connected to the TripStax Core central data processor.

Jyrney announced a strategic partnership with TripStax in February 2023, to integrate its innovative ground transport platform via API to the TripStax Portal module. TakeTwo is the first mutual TMC customer of Jyrney and TripStax to take advantage of the technology partnership. This means TakeTwo’s corporate clients can access Jyrney’s ground transport content via TripStax Portal, to book and manage their mobility requirements.  It also means that data from Jyrney bookings can be seamlessly included in traveller itineraries, traveller tracking and approval processes.

Jyrney’s proprietary platform consolidates the traditionally fragmented booking and management of multi-modal ground transport options, including taxi, ride-hail and chauffeur within a single solution.  Jyrney works with travel management companies, online booking tools and GDSs through white label solutions and APIs, as well as connecting suppliers with corporate customers. 

Jyrney’s platform is an innovative solution for TMCs and travellers seeking seamless ground transport options. In addition to providing access to a range of transportation choices, Jyrney’s platform also manages the ground element of the trip. If there are any unexpected taxi delays, Jyrney’s software immediately steps in to ensure the passenger arrives at their destination on time by reallocating the booking to the closest available taxi company. 

Rob Cope, Chief Technical Officer at TakeTwo said “This partnership reflects TakeTwo’s relentless ambition to deliver best-in-class service across the entirety of the trip within our fully connected Nova technology eco-system. The ability to incorporate Jyrney’s ground mobility platform seamlessly via TripStax Portal into our booking flow is transformative for the customer experience. The corporate travel landscape hasn’t fully encompassed the end-to-end trip and all of its touchpoints in a frictionless way, so being able to tightly integrate ground mobility within our eco-system and technology stack is a huge step forward.”

Daniel Price, CEO and co-founder of Jyrney said “Ground transport is increasingly becoming an important part of multi-modal trip planning.  In adopting the Jyrney module within TripStax, TakeTwo clients now have integrated ground transport available as part of their booking experience. Ground transport is often overlooked within booking platforms, leading to a disjointed customer experience. TakeTwo’s commitment to an integrated first to last mile experience for their customer leads to a safer and more connected travel policy.”

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