TripStax, the disruptive business travel provider, has launched TripStax Hotels, the ninth module in its fully connected proprietary stack of business travel tech applications. The TripStax Hotels module is the next evolution of Hotelzon – the B2B hotel booking platform which TripStax acquired in December 2022. It has been given a transformative new user interface with a dynamic log-in screen and contemporary search, navigation and results pages.

TripStax Hotels has also been fully integrated with the TripStax Core, the centralised data processing engine that consumes, enriches and manages all booking, profile and invoice data across the entire stack of connected TripStax modules (Analytics, Approve, Content, Docs, Mobile, Portal, Profile, and Track).  TMC customers who subscribe to TripStax technology can now take advantage of a fully integrated module enabling hotel booking, upselling and the increase of attachment rates.

Critically, the fact that all TripStax Hotels booking data flows through the TripStax Core, means this data is pulled seamlessly into the other TripStax modules, should customers wish to adopt wider TripStax tech. This connectivity is a key benefit for TMCs as it ensures complete and accurate hotel booking data can be populated within each TripStax module for travel management purposes such as itineraries, traveller tracking, reporting and analytics. For example a booking in TripStax Hotels is automatically pushed via The Core, so if a TripStax Hotels customer wishes to utilise TripStax Track to ensure adherence to the corporate client’s duty of care requirements, they can subscribe and switch it on seamlessly. Another example is hotel booking data being fed via The Core to TripStax Analytics, giving travel managers potent insights into hotel spend and behaviours to contrast and review within their entire programme.

More than 1 million properties are available within TripStax Hotels from multiple content sources including GDS, hotel aggregators, and direct connections. Not only is TripStax Hotels designed to manage everyday B2B hotel booking requirements, but through its bespoke events booking portals, it can handle large scale allocation and booking management.

The launch of TripStax Hotels also enhances TripStax’s Content module with the addition of significant hotel content. Until now the Content module purely contained air content from multiple GDS and non-GDS air providers.

Jack Ramsey, CEO TripStax commented: “We are excited to announce that the former Hotelzon platform has now been fully integrated into our tech ecosystem as TripStax Hotels to become the ninth module. This integration not only gives TMCs and their clients access to a proven hotel booking tool. The key point of difference and benefit to users is TripStax Hotels’ connectivity to the Core which cleanses and centralises the booking data, and automatically pushes it to other TripStax modules to be used for a multitude of travel management processes.

“The new transformative UI is just the first stage in our evolution of the platform. Over the next 12 months, we will go through a process of reengineering the functionality and user experience to ensure TripStax Hotels is future-proofed as a next-generation hotel booking tool for our TMC clients and their corporate customers,” added Ramsey.

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