TripStax, the dynamic business travel technology start-up, has announced the acquisition of online booking platform TapTrip. The strategic development enables TripStax to enhance its eco-system of travel management applications for TMCs to offer an online booking solution.

Launched to market three months ago, TripStax is a fully connected modular stack of proprietary travel tech tools for TMCs. It is driven by ‘The Core’, a powerful central data processing architecture which consumes and manages profile, booking and finance data across each module. TapTrip will become an additional module within the TripStax offering, complementing the existing cutting-edge applications used by TMCs post-booking (Analytics, Approve, Content, Docs, Mobile, Portal, Profile, Track).

Founded as a tech-start up in 2018, TapTrip’s easy-to-use award-winning platform has been built with SMEs in mind, delivering a seamless travel booking and management tool across mobile, web and app. TapTrip has approached this largely unmanaged, yet influential segment of the market by avoiding the trap of over-engineering the platform to compete with the larger mainstream business travel OBT providers. Consequently, TapTrip is a B2B application with the simplicity of a B2C experience. In addition to its SME corporate booking platform, TapTrip has developed Vessul an innovative crew and group booking management solution aimed primarily at the shipping and energy sectors.

TapTrip co-founders Tom Young and Jack Timblin are joining TripStax in senior management and development roles. All other existing TapTrip staff are also joining the TripStax business.

Neil Ruth, also one of TapTrip’s founders made the decision to leave the business prior to the acquisition. Neil was the brainchild behind the TapTrip and Vessul brands and led the business to successfully signing a long term and ground-breaking agreement with a global bank for the use of TapTrip by their business banking customers.

Jack Ramsey, CEO TripStax commented: “Our vision for TripStax from the outset has been to continue enhancing and developing our tech proposition, both organically and by acquisition. We are excited to bring TapTrip on board as part of that journey and be able to offer our TMC clients an innovative online booking solution designed to suit the needs of their SME clients. The acquisition is also a great fit for TripStax’s business culturally because like TapTrip, we are aiming to bring a fresh, disruptive approach to the business travel landscape. We are also delighted to welcome Tom, Jack and TapTrip’s staff to our business as their skillset will help us scale up our tech innovation and growth.”

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