The agreement with the Frankfurt-headquartered global independent TMC network means TripStax has been selected to provide its market-leading Analytics solution and The Core data processing powerhouse to multinational corporate clients managed centrally by LCC.

TripStax is a fully connected modular stack of industry-leading proprietary business travel applications, powered by The Core, a central data storage engine that consumes, enriches and manages all business traveller booking, profile and invoice data across the entire TripStax eco-system. As the sole source of a TMC’s corporate client data, The Core is the ‘nerve system’ that determines how this data is used across each module in the stack as well as a plethora of third-party technologies used by TMCs. TripStax is also built on a ground-breaking, cost reducing commercial model. Unlike legacy technology providers, TripStax only charges TMCs charged one single transaction fee for ingestion of data, regardless of how many times that data is processed within one of the modules in the stack.

TripStax Analytics is a comprehensive suite of reporting tools, enabling users to interact with travel data from the most aggregated to the most detailed level. AI technology and natural language interaction capabilities support behavioural and financial analytics in real time. It enables users to have completely transparent access to all data, from multiple sources because the TripStax Core operates as a data warehouse that unifies profile, booking, invoice and third-party data, normalising it to create consistency across reporting and analytics. Users can create self-service dashboards for example analysing the total cost of trip by expense type, purpose, region and individual traveller. Natural language can query data using terms and phrases as if spoken. Actual spend can be tracked against budget values and project whether budget values would be exceeded. Other features include rate cap analysis, sustainability reporting, and peer benchmarking.

David Chappell, Chief Strategy Officer, TripStax commented: “We are excited to partner with LCC who are such a large and well-respected TMC network. This is a significant step for TripStax to demonstrate the market-differentiating strength of The Core and our cutting-edge Analytics module for global customers.  We are delighted to be working closely with LCC to deliver an exception reporting and analytics tech experience for their multi-national clients, as well as exploring further opportunities for cooperation with the LCC network in the longer term.”

Martina Groenegres, Managing Director, Lufthansa City Center International said: “LCC was looking for a cutting-edge analytics solution that would suit the very specific needs of our multinational clients. We are pleased to be working with TripStax and have been particularly impressed with the Analytic’s module which is easy to use and highly customizable according to our needs. The TripStax team are experts in their field and have helped in a relatively short time to tangibly streamline our processes. Their flexibility to find solutions for challenges is very refreshing and has been a crucial part of the implementation process.”

Markus Orth, Managing Director, Lufthansa City Center Germany added: “We are delighted that we have already migrated 10 international customers to TripStax. With our new partner on board, we will be even more formidable and competitive in international bidding processes. More companies will consider LCC as their TMC.”

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