TripStax announces partnership with Thrust Carbon

Thrust Carbon, the leading tech provider of science-based data and intelligence on emissions, is integrated to the TripStax ‘Core’, the central data-processing powerhouse that consumes, manages and enriches a TMC’s corporate client profile, booking and finance data across each module in the TripStax eco-system.

The agreement means that each booking transaction, once collected in the TripStax Core, is sent via API to Thrust Carbon to calculate the carbon emissions of the specific trip, and then returned to The Core for storage. This carbon data can then be applied across relevant TripStax applications used by the TMC, for example added to itineraries via the TripStax Documents module, reporting via TripStax Analytics, as well as invoicing at point of sale. If the TMC makes any changes to the booking transaction prior to travel, The Core re-sends data to Thrust Carbon to provided updated calculations. 

TripStax has also collaborated with Thrust Carbon to identify additional carbon data calculation points and variations for certain airlines and load factors since the post-Covid recovery of the aviation sector. 

Scott Wylie, Chief Technology Officer, TripStax commented: “A major challenge for corporate travel managers is influencing sustainable travel practices as more and more companies move towards net zero carbon targets. Travel managers are looking to their TMC for support in managing this challenge and that starts with best-practice in measuring carbon emissions. Hence it was a priority for us to enhance our technology offering to give our TMC clients access to accurate carbon emissions data. 

“We conducted an in-depth analysis of providers, challenging and checking their measurements by route, flight number, type of aircraft. Thrust Carbon emerged as the clear leader in this process as their methodology is science-based and therefore far more meaningful. We are delighted to have agreed this partnership with Thrust Carbon and to be working with such a like-minded tech innovator to enhance each other’s data capabilities,” said Wylie. 

Mark Corbett, Director of Thrust Carbon, added: “Tackling the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time, and it requires urgent action. It’s not enough to simply talk about sustainability; we must take bold steps to maximise our impact. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here. By partnering with TripStax, TMCs are able to put best-in-class sustainability intelligence at the fingertips of travel managers around the world, and empower them to make impactful decisions for their programs. With granular and accurate insights plus recommendations, travel managers will be able to make informed choices that lead to game-changing reductions in emissions. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for generations to come”.


For further media information: Vanessa Aves, TripStax PR Consultant, email:, tel: +44 (0) 7721 413358

TakeTwo bolsters technology proposition with Jyrney partnership via TripStax

TakeTwo, which has offices in UK/Europe and USA providing bespoke services to transatlantic clients in diverse sectors and high-net-worth-individuals, as well as VIP, MICE and group travel services, has invested heavily over the last year in building ‘Nova’, its own agnostic eco-system of travel management solutions, operating on a single global platform. Nova blends TakeTwo’s proprietary mid and back-office technology with best-in-class third party client-facing applications. The latter includes partnering with TripStax since mid-2022 as a TMC customer for the tech provider’s Portal, Docs, Track and Analytics modules, connected to the TripStax Core central data processor.

Jyrney announced a strategic partnership with TripStax in February 2023, to integrate its innovative ground transport platform via API to the TripStax Portal module. TakeTwo is the first mutual TMC customer of Jyrney and TripStax to take advantage of the technology partnership. This means TakeTwo’s corporate clients can access Jyrney’s ground transport content via TripStax Portal, to book and manage their mobility requirements.  It also means that data from Jyrney bookings can be seamlessly included in traveller itineraries, traveller tracking and approval processes.

Jyrney’s proprietary platform consolidates the traditionally fragmented booking and management of multi-modal ground transport options, including taxi, ride-hail and chauffeur within a single solution.  Jyrney works with travel management companies, online booking tools and GDSs through white label solutions and APIs, as well as connecting suppliers with corporate customers. 

Jyrney’s platform is an innovative solution for TMCs and travellers seeking seamless ground transport options. In addition to providing access to a range of transportation choices, Jyrney’s platform also manages the ground element of the trip. If there are any unexpected taxi delays, Jyrney’s software immediately steps in to ensure the passenger arrives at their destination on time by reallocating the booking to the closest available taxi company. 

Rob Cope, Chief Technical Officer at TakeTwo said “This partnership reflects TakeTwo’s relentless ambition to deliver best-in-class service across the entirety of the trip within our fully connected Nova technology eco-system. The ability to incorporate Jyrney’s ground mobility platform seamlessly via TripStax Portal into our booking flow is transformative for the customer experience. The corporate travel landscape hasn’t fully encompassed the end-to-end trip and all of its touchpoints in a frictionless way, so being able to tightly integrate ground mobility within our eco-system and technology stack is a huge step forward.”

Daniel Price, CEO and co-founder of Jyrney said “Ground transport is increasingly becoming an important part of multi-modal trip planning.  In adopting the Jyrney module within TripStax, TakeTwo clients now have integrated ground transport available as part of their booking experience. Ground transport is often overlooked within booking platforms, leading to a disjointed customer experience. TakeTwo’s commitment to an integrated first to last mile experience for their customer leads to a safer and more connected travel policy.”

TripStax adds ground transport tech capabilities with Jyrney strategic partnership

TripStax is continuing to bolster its travel management tech proposition with the addition of a significant ground transport component after announcing a strategic partnership with Jyrney. 

Jyrney’s proprietary platform consolidates the traditionally fragmented booking and management of multi-modal ground transport options, including taxi, ride-hail and chauffeur within a single solution.  Jyrney works with travel management companies, online booking tools and GDSs through white label solutions and APIs, as well as connecting suppliers with corporate customers.

TripStax is a fully connected modular stack of travel tech applications, driven by ‘The Core’, a central data processing powerhouse which consumes, manages and enriches profile, booking and finance data across each module in stack. These modules include Analytics, Approve, Content, Docs, Mobile, Portal, Profile, and Track.  The move to integrate ground transport is part of TripStax’s strategy to build out its tech proposition with relevant and complementary solutions and content. This approach has already been demonstrated by the recent acquisition of Hotelzon, which adds significant hotel content into the TripStax offering. 

Jyrney’s platform offers a unique solution for travellers by not only granting access to seamless ground transport options, but also managing the ground element of the trip. In the event of unexpected taxi delays, Jyrney's software steps in to ensure the passenger's timely arrival by re-allocating the booking to the closest available taxi company.

Jyrney is integrated via API to the TripStax Portal module, which is a TMC and corporate client portal offering a single access point to the different TripStax modules, as well as third party content providers, that are relevant to the customer and the user. Mutual TMC clients of TripStax and Jyrney can access Jyrney’s ground transport content via Portal to book and manage their corporate customers’ mobility requirements.  It also means that data from Jyrney bookings can be seamlessly included in traveller itineraries, traveller tracking and approval processes.

Scott Wylie, Chief Technology Officer, TripStax commented: “At TripStax we are constantly looking at ways to enhance our tech offering and proposition to TMCs and their own corporate customers. Jyrney is an innovative tech solution that is looking to do things differently in the ground transport sector to better integrate and connect mobility with business travel. Ground transport and mobility are increasing important to corporates as a part of trip management. We were looking to bring a ground transport component to TripStax to support our TMC customers’ needs. Jyrney was the obvious provider to partner with as they are rapidly becoming the go-to tech platform for ground transport. We are excited to be working with the Jyrney team.”

Daniel Price, CEO of Jyrney added: "Partnering with TripStax is a game-changer for our mutual TMC customers. With the integration of ground transport options, we're bridging the gap in technical connectivity and making it easier for TMCs to offer multi-modal trips. The real-time quoting, availability and vehicle tracking will revolutionise the way customers plan and manage their trips. We're thrilled to be on this journey with TripStax and can't wait to see what the future holds for our partnership."


For further media information: Vanessa Aves, TripStax PR Consultant, email:, tel: +44 (0) 7721 413358Read more

TripStax expands management team with appointment of Chief Operating Officer

Bruce brings extensive travel technology industry experience and has an impressive track record of establishing new teams and operations across different organisations, countries and cultures in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Asia Pacific and the USA.

His career includes some 20 years in diverse senior executive roles at Travelport including Country Manager – Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Vice President Commercial – Southern Africa. He also led all aspects of Travelport’s largest market in India as President and CEO of local GDS partner Interglobe Technology Quotient.

Most recently Bruce served as Regional Director EMEA at the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), and General Manager EMEA of YAPTA, a leading airfare and hotel price tracking technology provider. In the latter role, he helped prepare the company for global expansion and future sale. Prior to YAPTA, Hanna was Vice President Global Customer Success at Antenna International, a digital media and audio guide provider.

In addition, since 2017 Hanna has volunteered as a Business Mentor at youth charity The Prince’s Trust (founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2006), where he has supported young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 30 with their professional and personal development.

As Chief Operating Officer Bruce reports to Jack Ramsey, CEO of TripStax and will be responsible for implementing organisational processes and driving operational excellence. He will play a key role in customer success, service and communications, as well TripStax’s revenue growth and performance management.

Jack Ramsey, CEO TripStax commented: “I am delighted to welcome Bruce Hanna to the TripStax management team. His extensive experience in the business travel technology industry particularly in organisational and structural design and management, coupled with his passion for a customer-focussed approach, will be of huge benefit to TripStax and a crucial component as we accelerate the next stage of our evolution and revenue growth.”

Bruce added: “I am excited to join such a dynamic global business which only launched in March this year but has already made such a big impact on the business travel tech space as an innovative disrupter of travel management technology. I am looking forward to bringing to bear all my experience in the travel tech industry within this role, particularly my expertise in establishing new teams, supporting rapid growth, focussing on customers and delivering outstanding results.”

TripStax adds SME online booking solution to tech offering following TapTrip acquisition

TripStax, the dynamic business travel technology start-up, has announced the acquisition of online booking platform TapTrip. The strategic development enables TripStax to enhance its eco-system of travel management applications for TMCs to offer an online booking solution.

Launched to market three months ago, TripStax is a fully connected modular stack of proprietary travel tech tools for TMCs. It is driven by ‘The Core’, a powerful central data processing architecture which consumes and manages profile, booking and finance data across each module. TapTrip will become an additional module within the TripStax offering, complementing the existing cutting-edge applications used by TMCs post-booking (Analytics, Approve, Content, Docs, Mobile, Portal, Profile, Track).

Founded as a tech-start up in 2018, TapTrip’s easy-to-use award-winning platform has been built with SMEs in mind, delivering a seamless travel booking and management tool across mobile, web and app. TapTrip has approached this largely unmanaged, yet influential segment of the market by avoiding the trap of over-engineering the platform to compete with the larger mainstream business travel OBT providers. Consequently, TapTrip is a B2B application with the simplicity of a B2C experience. In addition to its SME corporate booking platform, TapTrip has developed Vessul an innovative crew and group booking management solution aimed primarily at the shipping and energy sectors.

TapTrip co-founders Tom Young and Jack Timblin are joining TripStax in senior management and development roles. All other existing TapTrip staff are also joining the TripStax business.

Neil Ruth, also one of TapTrip’s founders made the decision to leave the business prior to the acquisition. Neil was the brainchild behind the TapTrip and Vessul brands and led the business to successfully signing a long term and ground-breaking agreement with a global bank for the use of TapTrip by their business banking customers.

Jack Ramsey, CEO TripStax commented: “Our vision for TripStax from the outset has been to continue enhancing and developing our tech proposition, both organically and by acquisition. We are excited to bring TapTrip on board as part of that journey and be able to offer our TMC clients an innovative online booking solution designed to suit the needs of their SME clients. The acquisition is also a great fit for TripStax’s business culturally because like TapTrip, we are aiming to bring a fresh, disruptive approach to the business travel landscape. We are also delighted to welcome Tom, Jack and TapTrip’s staff to our business as their skillset will help us scale up our tech innovation and growth."

TripStax launches powerful tech eco-system for TMCs

TripStax ( is a fully connected modular stack of eight proprietary travel tech tools (Analytics, Approve, Content, Docs, Mobile, Portal, Profile, Track), powered by ‘The Core’, a profound central data processing architecture. The Core is a key market-differentiator and sets TripStax apart from any other travel tech solution. It is a crucial component that consumes, enriches and manages all traveller profile, booking and invoice data in one place. As the sole source of a TMC’s corporate client data, The Core is the powerhouse that drives and determines how this data is used across each module in the stack. It also connects airline content from multiple sources including GDS providers, aggregators and direct connections to airlines.

The TripStax tech eco-system is built on a ground-breaking, cost-reducing, commercial model for its customers. The majority of legacy travel technology providers charge TMCs transaction fees based on the consumption and storage of data. TMCs have to pay a fee every time the data is stored and transposed by each vendor. However, TripStax uncouples technology from its reliance on transactional economics. TMCs using TripStax are only charged once for ingestion of booking, profile or finance data, regardless of how many times that data is processed within one of the modules in the stack. This single transaction charge paradigm creates valuable savings opportunities for TMCs.


Although TripStax is a start-up business, the technology underpinning the Core and eco-system of modules has an established pedigree of evolution and efficacy. It has been continuously developed and improved over the last 25 years by ATPI as the global TMC’s own travel management technology platform. The technology has benefited from extensive innovation and enhancements during that time through significant investment.
The idea to create a separate business with its own management and strategic direction, and release the technology to a wider TMC audience is the brainchild of Jack Ramsey, CEO, TripStax and the ATPI executive team. TripStax Technologies Ltd was established 2021, with investment from ATPI Group’s owners ICG (Intermediate Capital Group). TripStax operates autonomously with its own robust newly appointed management team, led by Jack Ramsey, and today at launch employs 90+ staff globally.

TripStax already has a significant customer base and The Core is already managing the equivalent of three million bookings per annum. ATPI is TripStax’s flagship TMC client and a major TMC in North America is currently in implementation. TripStax is also close to finalising agreements with TMCs in multiple European markets.


Jack Ramsey, CEO, TripStax commented:

“The reason for launching TripStax was driven by the realisation that B2B travel tech is far too fragmented and is therefore highly burdensome for small to mid-size TMCs on multiple levels. The industry is rife with providers and large-scale TMCs promoting their ‘tech stacks’, but in reality, these are a combination of multiple third-party vendor applications, white-labelled and consolidated in a marketplace style offering with complex and often unstable integrations; plus each vendor is charging transaction fees to the TMC.

“TripStax, however, is a true tech stack with The Core at its heart feeding to and from our own proprietary applications and those of others that benefit our customers. Our vision is to empower mid to small scale TMCs to become more competitive against their tech lead rivals, level the playing field, and significantly enhance the service they give to their corporate customers,” explained Ramsey. “TripStax gives them a premium and proven tech stack that ordinarily wouldn’t be available to them because it would be financially prohibitive to invest in or develop themselves. By adopting TripStax’s entirely new commercial model, TMCs can afford this type of high-end tech, because they can make vast savings on transaction fees. This is a hugely beneficially proposition for the business travel sector – TripStax isn’t just about a suite of integrated tech products, it's redefining how the travel tech eco system operates.”

For further media information: Vanessa Aves, PR Consultant, email:, tel: +44 (0) 7721 413358

About TripStax
TripStax ( is a fully connected modular stack of proprietary business travel applications, powered by The Core, a profound central data processing architecture that consumes, enriches and manages all business traveller booking, profile and invoice data across the entire TripStax eco-system. TripStax is built on a ground-breaking, cost reducing commercial model for its customers. TheTripStax vision is to redefine the technology landscape and economics for small to mid-size travel management companies (TMCs) globally by giving them access to premium, proven and affordable technology solutions. TripStax is owned by TripStax Technologies Ltd, which was founded in 2021; however, the technology underpinning The Core and eco-system of modules has a 25-year pedigree of development, innovation and investment.
TripStax applications in more detail:

  • Profiles - a master or intermediary traveller and company profiling solution with integrations to a plethora of third-party profile and HR systems. This application is used not only to fulfil travel requirements but also as the user’s gateway across the stack.
  • Portal - a TMC and corporate client portal offering a single access point to travel information, TripStax tech and also 3rd party tech or content providers relevant to the customer and user.
  • Analytics - a comprehensive suite of analytics tools, enabling users to interact with travel data from the most aggregated to the most detailed level. AI technology and natural language interaction capabilities support behavioural and financial analytics in real time.
  • Approve - a global approval system enabling businesses to automate granular approval processes, irrelevant of booking channels.
  • Docs – a document production system automating the creation and delivery of various travel related documents such as travel options, itineraries, e-ticket receipts etc.
  • Track - an end-to-end duty of care solution developed to ensure travellers can be located and communicated with at all times during a trip. Also included within Track are industry leading information providers enabling businesses and travellers to understand localised travel requirements and risk levels when making travel decisions.
  • Mobile – a traveller companion designed to support travellers during their trip.
    Content – a set of APIs enabling the consumption of GDS and non-GDS airline content, including NDC and LCC direct connections and aggregators.
  • Agent POS - Solutions built to complement the core GDS systems, including quality control processing, auto-ticketing, access to non GDS content, integration of profiles etc.